Thursday, October 07, 2004

dishpan hands...

i brought home monster mitts. i'm going to use them for dish washing purposes. it's an experiment. kind of like this post. i'm trying to recreate the post i just wrote which i've somehow managed to lose. but yes, monster mitts. though i was told they were reptilian reptile mitts and not monster hands. show me the reptile that has hands and i'll show you a monster. i'm just sayin'.

i'm sleepy. i'll sum up. brought home the wickerman. the horror film, not the album. the price: $3.99. and brand spankin' new, too. it is my favorite non-gore horror flick. young christopher lee and that sexy dance and hex number by ingrid pitt. lots o' jumping through fire and strange fiddle playin' hebridean hippies. weee! also, evil dead 2. groovy.

tomorrow night it's jamie lee curtis in the original halloween.

i'm going to go dream about bruce campbell now. hmm. not really.


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