Saturday, October 16, 2004

pale rider...

last night i taught the sister's beau how to knit. he's a quick study. this evening he has completed nearly one quarter of a 2 by 2 ribbed scarf. i'm so proud. seriously. it's the cutest thing.

today we walked down the firebreak road again. it was cool outdoors. stormclouds on the horizon. on our return we passed a horse pasture. a man was breaking a palomino. i explained how i used to have an aversion to pale horses thanks to that apocalyptic church film my aunt made me watch when i was ten years old. we then started talking about the series of books entitled "left behind." the sister and her beau have actually seen a set of those books.

sister: what's the main character's name?
beau: oh, it's flash mc manly man.
sister: no, it's manly crash manstone.
beau: kirk cameron is supposed to play that guy in the movie.
me: ah, kirk cameron. he was known for his dimples.
sister: now he's known for his thick neck and wrathful stare.

well, i thought it was funny. no matter.

hmm. back to the knitting. i go. ah! it's raining! yay!


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