Friday, October 22, 2004


we talked a lot about pedestal sinks. riveting. i'm not joking. who knew there was so much about the pedestal sink? i for one did not know. i've been educated. we had thai food and caught up. we haven't seen each other in a long time. it was good. after dinner there were peppermints and promises. don't let's have so much time pass between visits etc. etc.

i think i am an inattentive friend sometimes. their children will be grown by our next visit. i need to remedy.

knitted yet another watchcap. irish tweedy yarn that i bought from an old lady knitting circle that was cleaning out their stash. brownish. quite pretty actually.

father lent to me "letters from the earth: uncensored writings by mark twain." i think the letters consist of correspondence between satan in the hot brimstoney netherworld and michael and gabriel in the paradisical vaults of heaven. we shall see.

there's a hazy layer over town right now. woodsmoke. it's quite chilly out. i like it.

gregory peck is exceedingly handsome. i've always thought that. but tonight when i was preparing to go out the sister was watching roman holiday. gregory. he of the ever-arched eyebrow. constant look of curiousity. or i don't know. what is that eyebrow saying? dunno. i'm sexy. yup. maybe that's it. or maybe: i'm sexy? dunno. dunno.

over dinner we discussed what it means when someone says "i'm neutral" in regards to the upcoming election. i don't know what that means. but i think about the pool and marco! and polo! or a good dunking and someone says "i'm switzerland" and that is supposed to be that. but fucking hell. you are still wet, my dear. you are still wet and now someone's going to piss in the water too. (or has been pissing in the pool.) good luck with that. godspeed, switzerland.

i have nothing against switzerland. only people in pools with pretend repellent. oh, and the guy with the smirk and stammer micturating in the drink for my own good. i don't like him none either.

i'm not going to police my spelling etc. be merciful.


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