Thursday, October 21, 2004


there's a song playing that sounds like coyotes but is actually modest mouse. huh? yes, that's what i said.

we watched rosemary's baby. i do like that movie. i'm not overly fond of the name guy, though. i feel silly calling people guy. unless it's said "ghee" in which case i feel sillier. like i'm calling them yak butter. but strangly i like the sound of "ghee" better than guy. but enough of that.

i've produced another watchcap. the envy of waldo. pom-pom topping and all. will i ever wear it? stay tuned.

someone called and asked for the lady of the house. that was classy. and strange. when i said no she wasn't home he clammed up and i hung up the phone.

clearly i'm fishing for things to blog about. i'm like that guy who went to sea and struggled to catch that mighty fish and then found when he got to shore he had a fine example of fish carcass. except i don't have a fish carcass to boast of and i'm not an old man. but i like green tea and now i'll go and drink some. hope you're as relieved as i am.


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