Sunday, October 24, 2004

once more with feeling...

i'll try not to harp on it again. bear with me.

she said she was neutral. i can understand being undecided. that makes perfect sense. for example, not being pleased with either candidate. yes. i can see that. i'm frequently undecided. uncertain. but neutral means something else. being neutral about the consistency of peanut butter. the color of knickers. if one never eats another pb&j then it's only natural to have no strong opinion regarding nut paste. if one doesn't patronize the knicker industry that's all well and good too. who cares what color they make underpants in that case. but a democratic republic is not the same as a gooey sandwich or an undergarment. i could be wrong but i think it's apples and oranges. i can live in the u.s. without eating nut paste or wearing undies (woo!). but if i live here as a citizen then i can't live here in a perpetual state of neutrality. i am the government to some extent. and no matter who governs, consequences follow that i can't avoid. maybe she was thinking that, no matter what, things are going to be shitty down the line. why bother? maybe that's what she was thinking. i think that one's called apathy, though. but believing that the shit is coming indicates opinion not neutrality. i have no preference as to the consistency of peanut butter but suppose i have issue with the consistency of shit. i'd like to point out my druthers no matter how it comes out. i have to live with that shit.

oh, maybe she is just unhappy with the u.s. in general. sometimes i'm unhappy with us too. in that case, think of the other countries that are touched by our bloated administration and its machinations. do something nice for them. vote already.

i won't complain anymore. scout's honor.


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