Tuesday, October 26, 2004

a few lines...

some creeley:

The Conspiracy

You send me your poems,
I'll send you mine.

Things tend to awaken
even through random communication.

Let us suddenly
proclaim spring. And jeer

at the others,
all the others.

I will send a picture too
if you will send me one of you.

* * *

The Wife

I know two women
and the one
is tangible substance,
flesh and bone.

THe other in my mind
She keeps her strict
proportion there.

But how should I
propose to live
with two such creatures
in my bed--

or how shall he
who has a wife
yield two to one
and watch the other die.

* * *


Little earth, water
walking on, sun
singing what's

to come. A
spell, a song,
things seeing,

stone? Or any
one, here, listens,
hears, as one.

* * *

Water (2)

Water drips,
a fissure of leaking
moisture spills
itself unnoticed.

was I looking at,
not to see
that wetness spread.

* * *

and some h.d. too:

Pear Tree

Silver dust
lifted from the earth,
higher than my arms reach,
you have mounted,
O silver,
higher than my arms reach
you front us with great mass;

no flower ever opened
so staunch a white leaf,
no flower ever parted silver
from such rare silver;

O white pear,
your flower-tufts
thick on the branch
bring summer and ripe fruits
in their purple hearts.

* * *


Nor skin nor hide nor fleece
Shall cover you,
Nor curtain of crimson nor fine
Shelter of cedar-wood be over you,
Nor the fir-tree
Nor the pine.

Nor sight of whin nor gorse
Nor river yew,
Nor fragrance of flowering bush,
Nor wailing of reed-bird to waken you,
Nor of linnet,
Nor of thrush.

Nor word nor touch nor sight
Of lover, you
Shall long through the night but for this:
The roll of the full tide to cover you
Without question
Without kiss.

* * *

i'm incredibly sleepy now. i hope the line breaks publish okay. it's such a feat to get anything to align correctly with blogger. gah.

btw, creeley is dreamy, i think.


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