Monday, November 01, 2004

mr. shaw?

a friend came last night bearing dvds. the sister and i were making dinner. the sister's beau (s.b. henceforth) and the honorable j. were sitting at table, pouring over the cinematic goods. horror flicks! shocker. vampires. freddy v. jason. etc. and then, as i scuttled about the kitchen, i saw one that i didn't recognize. "which is that one?" "what one?" j asked. "that one. mister...mister shaw?" much laughter. "mr. show! you dork!" indeed. is it my fault that the case designers chose such an illegible font? and then they laughed some more. "yes, it's all about george bernard! scaaaaarey!" hmph. but i do enjoy mr. show. today i gesture like bob explaining science to the english peasant david. "do i really need these leeches?" "yes, leeches remove the poison put inside us by witches." see, i had always suspected as much.

i dressed as a witch. the sister, a fortune teller. i forgot to cross her palm with silver. darn. anyway, i manned the door and dispensed candy. i frightened a girl of three. she consented to draw near only after i produced a reasonable handful of dum-dums and whoppers. choke-tastic. what is a three year old going to do with a lolly besides asphyxiate? i daresay i should put more thought into my treats next year.

i was going to post ghoulish pictures. but the thought occured to me that my choice of headdress might further the rumor of my serious cranial abnormality. so i'll postpone any picture posting until i'm able to capture a shot of my bared- i assure you, perfectly normal- head.


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