Friday, December 17, 2004

see here...

if i place my body between the monitor and the room things get darker. and the tree over there glows with white light. i like it. i'm sappy like that. if we can't be impressed by beautiful lights now and then....

the sweater that followed me home is too large. i neglected to notice it is a manly man sweater. but it was grey and fuzzy so i overlooked much. i tried to shrink it. to no avail. 's okay, though. i still enjoy it. cashmere. yeeerrrrssss.

had cod for supper. it is tasty. how white. it had a good scare? i don't know. what ever possessed the first taster? it came of necessity, surely. this long blanched flesh like giant dog-ends of eraser. not so tempting. screwing the eyes helps.

eleven o'clock and all's well. closing up shop now. to bed.


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