Sunday, July 24, 2005


last night passing the hall a wedding was winding down. in tails and tipped a man on the railing said aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwoooooogggggghhhhh. without missing a beat the sister said ah yes. the traditional stabbing of the groom. i am still giggling about that. he really was making a pained sound. i think it was a result of the champagne cup though. the only things righting him were the tails. counterbalance.

then today we picked berries. a man with his daughter and tiny dog. i thought he blew a whistle. strident and with frequency. but it was the dog. not blowing a whistle dog but a dog sound. i've never heard anything like it. and the man's daughter was talking. i think to herself. a girl of five or seven. and she said eld ooohh et haum erth min ree owlde(r) tredth. it was really beautiful. when i turned to look she stopped and the dad stood very still. so i started picking again. the first thorn prick of the picking. and i smashed that berry. my hand was shaking.

cool air is finally trickling in the window. thank heavens. going to break out the pen and paper over there by it. away from this heat producing box.

good night.


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