Thursday, July 14, 2005


at the front of the bus a man-child.

this banana tastes like fish.

(from across the aisle) what?

fish. banana tastes like fish.

(again) what?


(yet again) what?

FISH! (disgruntled aside) wildcats...this pen is dead.

in my head it's trout are very valuable and immensely powerful keep away from the trout!

and to the back of the bus:

behind the 'frigerator there was a piece of glass
miss suzie sat upon it and broke her little asssss-
k me no more questions
i'll tell you no more lies....

and hand clapping. and giggles. giant girls of a young age. the volume of hollywood meat-slammers. i mean foley. otherwise that sounds not quite right.

thought i saw lightning above the lawns. a woman with a flashbulb trying to secure the moon. crept away as she saw us.

i actually said in a wooden matrix. of course i was mocked for it. i argued against balsa wood. interior doors are soft.

mockingbirds in stereo. hilltop. not an echo. rivals. or mates. dunno. several weeks in a row now.
take those three as you like. long or otherwise.

i hear the tumble dry. it's a good sound.



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