Friday, July 08, 2005


the sister and i went for a long walk before sunset. a mare came out to greet us. black eyes. dark mane and white lashes. long forelock. flies. the soft end of her nose.

from under the bridge violet-green swallows. first blackberries. produced a plastic bag. the sister stopped picking to watch the birds. i stopped. we almost fell down. she said no wonder everything is covered in shit. and i said they make daub nests. pointed into the concrete cave.

buckle. betty. cobbler. crisp. whatever you like. and coffee. black.

someone threw a brick through the old folks' window. shitty. i picked a magnolia. it smells like lemons or roses why. also pale milkweed. claws and stars.

jam was a success. plum.

i'll have to rip back the sock. trying to graft amidst noise. no go.

last night dreamt of a friendly landgoing horseshoe crab/prawn creature. a pet. it made me quite happy.

a moth in the sweepings. a dress form to the shed. these are similar.

to bed.


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