Tuesday, July 12, 2005


say cardoon with a rolling rrrrrr. instant scot. they are fluorescent at dusk. wire stems and great height. bit the last threads between my teeth. faintly artichoke. very thistle. the brushes register like other flower odor. flowery.

left the blind up. lamp on. moths came. a tree frog too. trembling throat and pale bellied. couldn't see the faces. across the windowscreen. one after the other minus mounts. it gets lonely. away he leaps.

the father stopped unexpectedly. hauling water. i showed him the old teak bowl i scared up. it's pretty and cracked. he spoke of decks and holystones and said why do they call them holystones i don't know. i don't know i said. and i don't.

along the tracks someone cackled (happily) but at that hour it was a spooky sound. spring steel and thumbnails too. metallic dog voice.

a daylight owl on the fence arrested us. it was a false owl so we walked on. and just now the paper owl resurfaces. colored paper from age five that says who-who-who am i? who-who-who? and the slot for my name. the bold hand.

they found a body in the river tonight. with suspicious injuries to the head. the news. for lack of celebrity and ribbon cutting. turning any channel is not an option. technological lapse. why i prefer turning pages. the jargon at least still aligns.

the same mare. same soft nose. loyal until the end of the oats. love the smell of dust and horses. bag balm. fly ointment. tube steel rails.


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