Wednesday, July 20, 2005


fires are all over. making the amber lens. shadows in triplicate. and scorched air.

this morning before the sun came over i was walking. a tree i generally pass gained in interest. apricots. nobody around so i climbed up into the landscaping. perfect pointed little apricot. quite possibly my favorite fruit. and this one was so good. so. very. good. i'll be chasing that high.

i'm beat. going to climb into my attic and upsidedown sleep for a few orbits. tuckered. but am i really going to. as she pours a frothy iced coffee at nine in the p.m.

the feverfew is white white! because of a waxing moon i think. have to fold up that beautiful white greeting and put it in my pocket. count the clock tick for another toiling few hours.



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