Thursday, August 18, 2005

hansom cab...

this evening's handball tournament left us tired. the sister and s.b. in ornery fashion decided to snub me.

ornery1: let's leave her!
ornery2: yeah! here, hop on my motorcycle. (much miming of motorcycles)
ornery1: wait! let's take my chopper! it's way cooler.
ornery2: no, i got it! let's take my hansom cab! (much miming of horse carriage)

i quickly grew weary of the conversation and sped off in my rickshaw. el fin.

now listening: morning sun--dot allison. somehow it makes me think of tall long-necked spotted ruminants at a run. why i don't know.

in other news...

i may shut down the comments for a spell. i'm really tired of spammers and such. when i feel up to excercising my patience i may bring them back. mail me if you'd like. i'd like.


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