Wednesday, September 28, 2005


someone said today we have bodies. we do. we do. we do. it is so. i think that means we aren't only word factories. not only words on paper. what does that mean for someone who writes poetry? two bodies? a body of work and a body body? the tower and the green. we have bodies. a thread between. what these bodies need is a swift kick in the ass.


boiling water.

today i had s.b. all to myself. and he revealed a victory. and i cheered him. so proud. i had always wondered what it was like to have a younger brother. now i know. it's very nearly like having an older brother but on a slightly smaller scale. oh and occasionally i get to have the monopoly on wisdom. not really. in any case despite his sometimes ogre-like behavior i adore s.b. and i'm gushing.

water is boiled.



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