Wednesday, September 14, 2005


last night s.b. made a strange snuffling whinny sound in the dark as we approached the free vegetable basket.

me: that was quite a horse sound!
sister: yes. are you hoping for apples?
s.b.: shut up.
me: calm yourself...i have an entire pocket of sugarcubes here.
sister: stomp twice if you'd like some.

and then we laughed at him. the laughter drowned out his replies. then later...

s.b.: ouch! i twisted my ankle!
me: oh no. we'll have to put you down.
s.b.: stop it!
sister: yes. stop being mean to him. (pregnant pause) is that better, sugarfoot?*

errrm. i suppose it was funnier in person. he's so fun to tease.

i think i'm catching cold. after this morning's bus ride it suddenly made sense why people used to constantly wear gloves. and carry hankies. and those little poesy things. i've rarely been confined with so many coughing/mouth-breathing folk. coughing/mouth-breathing folk who have no idea how to swaddle that maw when some chunky tubercular upheaval comes. coughing/mouth-breathing people who don't understand that it's indecorous and more than a little rude to rub one's body all over that of the person next them. so. thanks for the micro-organisms, bus-lady! very generous!

in other news...

how accomodating while i consider. nice. but it must be said here: beautiful arms. oh.

in other other news...

family from afar come to see me on saturday! hooray! hooray i say!

wellidy. time to walk the hounds.

*this sugarfoot. i am fond of animals. but it's a shame there was never an episode where woody met a taxidermist. or audubon. irritating creature.


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