Saturday, September 10, 2005

a primer...

tomorrow my native language might help someone. if i can reach back and remember how it's done. i before e except after c. and c is a thief. and when two vowels go walking the first does the talking. except when none of those rules apply at all. english! cough. rough. dough. through. why can't we stick to one gh. i'm nervous. i have butterflies.

today was a strange assemblage. audience to the evolution of a machine. hammers and felt. the results of. all of which was interesting. however what was most beautiful was what happened when touched. but for that the weak/strong machine could have grown from spores. i exaggerate. engineering is beautiful too. still.... i'm nervous. i have butterflies.

monkey becomes monkeys. and goose geese. fox foxes. cat becomes cats.

if i remember them as teeth. soft/hard. tongue on teeth. teeth bumping. a kick in the teeth. and every contact in between. poles of sound. an electric ripple follows the floor and into the spine.

well. i should try for sleep now. maybe it will help the laws materialize. silent e skips the t and makes a say his name. relate. mate. sate.



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