Saturday, September 03, 2005

i should have letterpressed...

trying to cement the new characters. provided with handwritten samples. but like much learning you wear the stains of another's idiom. and years progress before penmanship is level to ownership. the beginning is the roundest mimicry. experience narrows the broad. isn't that a backwards thing.

along the walnut arcade another voluptuous squirrel. articulate dusky hands. big eyes. one wide step from the asphalt. had to stare. later on a fencepost the balancing act of doom! and all of that with a resinous rind clenched in teeth.

also haircuts all around. hmm. cowlicks. the verdict: i proclaim them very handsome.

hope springs eternal. the volvo may ride again. i'm excited.

four little bowls. mid cent mod and two dollars. teak. so very pretty. i will save the tale of the poisonous shelf paper for later. i guess that rules out envelopes.

also also the new typographical template is hard to learn from because unspecific. thankfully the mark of whomever's idiosyncracies is restricted to paper. the other penmanships have had their teachers' stamps rubbed dull: love and speech and patterns of thought...and f*cking. it's a star in place of u.

alrighty. g'night.


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