Friday, August 19, 2005


today i had reminder of all that dancing. bumble bees. eggs. phone numbers. cryptic devices of the ravers of yore. do they do that still? i dunno. it's been ages since i went and danced. once someone told me i danced like paddington bear. i thought it complimentary.

i've just washed quite a mound of dishes. i don't remember having a thirty-something year old son. apparently i have one. instead of dishpan hands it's dishpan torso. gah!

now listening: temptation-- new order.

the kitchen smells like ripe peaches. there's a bag of them over there. so nice.

alpaca yarn arrived today. discount but fine. so very soft.


also you know what word i think is especially strange? refrain. cleave is one too.



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