Tuesday, August 30, 2005


sweater back complete! whoot! as i knit listened to some nick drake. the sister's head peeked into the sitting room. when i noticed she was peeking she quickly unpeeked. and this repeated. then suddenly she began slapping her knees and whistling a sea shanty song. i'm hambonin' for ya! yeah! look at me! it's all for you! i'm hambonin'! what're ya gonna do about it?! what i did about it was a whole lot of pleading for its swift end. and some lalalalala-ing to keep it from sticking. i'm very susceptible to that.

just now on the walk a scary man followed us. i know for a fact that he is unsavory as he used to come into my place of work (and other nearby places) and harass people. we crossed the railroad tracks and got to the last corner before our house. he had just passed us. when we paused at the corner i looked over my shoulder and saw him turning around. instead of going home we walked the cross street. he turned and followed us. but we gave him the slip in the alley and spied out at him. he was standing where he'd last seen us but on the opposite side of the street. i don't like that.

the volvo may not be long for this world. i'm so sad. i have an unnatural attachment to my car. not so much as a device of transportaion but for other reasons. the squeaky doors. the smell of the leather seats. the sporadic function of the horn...and windshield wipers. the broken hatch. ah well.

in other news...

lately i don't know what the matter is. amygdal cloud say. waiting for the fog to roll back. a sound is integral to sounding. plumb how. somewhere certainly lies a boundary. everything is pent against. trombone and thrombosis have a valve as their common ancestor. it strictly concerns anatomy. i'm fond of ending with that joke.

in other other news...

go see joe's show! go i say! go for me because i can't.

woodward flats. that's in san francisco. right here as a matter of fact: 485 14th street. just to recap that's new work by joe colley. a show entitled i wish i could take all of you with me. it's at woodward flats in san francisco. august 20th-september 12th. now scoot!

alrighty. i'm hitting the hay.


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