Saturday, August 27, 2005


we found a red-headed robot during the procedure. the length of a thumb. not just any thumb. mine. father collected me today. he needed help removing a ceiling beam. amidst the rubble produced robot. said notice the hand. i used to put a sign in it that read "i want a martini." then the winder was wound. he quickly grew tired of it. knocked it on its back. at which point i lost concentration. beams were unknown to me. all was robot throes. i laughed and laughed. look!'s so sad! so sad! its helpless legs. its stiff arms. writhing. father shrugged. clearly he's on his way out. and very soon the ticking quieted. the beam was hoisted. i was in top form. tripped on a rope and nearly cracked my head on the woodstove. we forgot the pry bar until both of us engaged the weight. at which point i was made frantic gopher. retrieved. but it was a success. sweat rolling down under my shirt. is-it-a-cobweb-monster feeling. fiberglass darts raising pink pebbles along my arm. hot. planted ourselves in front of the oscillating fan. nothing was broken!

the sweater is coming along nicely. i had knit several inches of sweater back when i realized i was off a stitch. had to rip to the start. so it goes. stopped for the evening at five inches about. not bad. and the fiber is wonderfully soft.

islandia continues. guy was girl crazy. i suppose that's very 1920's. dunno.



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