Friday, August 26, 2005


up until the man contemplating the height of the bronze horse i believed my eyes to be closed. but they must have been open. mesmerized by the flickering of the ride.

burned my wrist whilst making dinner. the pale under part. didn't put cool water on in time. but resisted the urge to put my mouth over it. now it's throbbing. so clumsy. and the black cat perched on my shoulder without invite. scratched my neck.

there was a tree full of juvenile crows this afternoon. loud alternating quiet. a dog barking and the sound was like a distressed child. creepy. i crawled beneath my car to retrieve a bolt. came out covered in duff. willow leaves and cobweb. the grease will not depart from under my nails.

sister and i watch movies for the scenery. pick them apart. mine is about floral incongruity. sister notices landmarks. geology. i watch to see where the sun rises and sets. s.b. hates this and frequently shushes us. i don't mind the shushing because after a while i annoy myself too.

sometimes direct address causes my mind to go utterly blank. no matter the inquiry. no matter the situation. i hate that. in some places people address each other by addressing an object in the room instead. some odd protocol. but if someone addressed the ladle for my sake i would probably fare better. it isn't always a problem. but when it is it is not in mild shades.

a cricket crossed the floor. so wee. it's been a while.


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