Sunday, August 21, 2005


this evening we saw a dog like lewis limping along the rottweiler fence. and it was in fact. after coaxing he revealed a goathead in his paw. he licked my hand all over while i removed the thorn. then took off at a lope after who knows. i had to chase him. i had to crouch and run along his goldy flank trying to direct him homeward. after pissing on a vinca he relented only slightly. spotted an interesting walker and tried to give chase. i was foursquare against it. his front door was open. his mistress in the doorway drying her hair with a towel. here is lewis. he was around the corner. after which followed thanks and a chronological account of events leading to his escape. i still don't know the woman's name. i prefer lewis anyway. but i was a bit annoyed that he didn't offer to grant my three wishes. ingrate.

snacking on habas con chile y limon. listening: un jour comme un autre-- serge gainsbourg and brigitte bardot. i take that back. it just switched over. listening: raindrop prelude-- chopin (performer unknown).

downloaded yarn gauge converter. an alpaca sweater is in the works. very classy one. bateau neck. yes. i think i'll like it.

i ran into somebody in the store today. he smiled. i smiled out of politeness. then i remembered that i knew him and liked him. smiled again. and then i remembered i had no idea where i knew him from. and i felt very silly when he started speaking to me. treading water. looking for sandy keys. nada. i scurried away. the end.


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