Monday, February 21, 2005

insert title here...

preparing for bed and listening to bjork when the door suddenly blew in. the gusts are incredible tonight!

i've discovered the holga camera. it seems made for me. mostly because i don't know anything about photography. i'm going to get one. oh yes. in the meantime i think i'll play with the old polaroid.

there's a rottweiler across town that continually manages to sound phlegmy. it's bothersome. and gross. i can't walk by his house without all hell breaking loose. first he barks at me and my dogs. then he barks at whatever is nearest him. then he barks at his companion rottweiler. then a terrible brawl betwixt them ensues. every. damn. time. oh, and he tries to high jump the fence as well. thankfully, he's been unsuccessful thus far.

it's late. i'm turning in.


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