Friday, February 18, 2005


hail earlier. is falling water that falls upward then down. etc. etc. each lift is a layer. so someplace it ends in golfballs. so sayeth science. approx.

i can't drive a stick well. tomorrow i go to try. it's another option. options are good. i can opt then.

so many things are not available so. where we are born, for instance. that we are born, another. everything after, i suppose, is changeable. or is it.

if nothing else, i have sound. and vibration is very democratic. not elitist. if you sit with it long enough it will fuck you up good. ends in a gasp. begins that way, too. geography and sects all lost. a rustle. pockets turned. poor, poor, petey.

well. i think i hear someone calling me.



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