Wednesday, February 16, 2005


invited by the sister and s.b. to watch the film sabrina. audrey hepburn and humphrey bogart. not that other one. how did that lady get to be so damn cute? it's unnatural, i tells ya. and bogart shushing through his teeth all the live long day.

i think i've managed to make friends with big orange the taiwanese rice pot. i made jasmine rice. and (gasp) thai green curry from a jar! a jar! but my kaffir donated a leaf which improved the quality.

a short week this week. woo-hoo! woo-hoo, i say!

today, right-handedly, i departed from the late lord tennyson. thank heavens. i began copying the lyrics to nature boy (as rendered by lisa ekdahl). fools and kings. but somehow it continued to be foals and kings. since foals are foolish 's okay. i guess. i just can't make that following o. i can't fake it.

pink plum blossom. white plum blossom. red quince. the distressed desk. so nice i could curl up and sleep there.


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