Saturday, February 12, 2005

again, again...

odd how things repeat. cycle over. saw a picture of a waldorf case (i think it was. it looked like one, anyway.) and started thinking about springtime and train rides. and then today there were gardenias at the market which made me think of the train station. going through tunnels. riding at night. where for long stretches there is nothing out the window but a white light, perpetual, the gloss of one eye reflected there and back and there and back. sometimes faint orange light far off in fields. silos and refineries. and then with frequency. and then san jose. just like that.

so, hello, hello up there in the bay area. i'm sorry i didn't get to visit. april appears to be the soonest. hang tight, d.

ps-- i resent "april is the cruelest month..." not so!

right about sunset we went for a walk. the quince! wow! they're absolutely fluorescent! and the plums are starting in stark white. even s.b. likes those and he's not big on flowers. gentian in the ditches. snowdrops. daffodils. and frogs. just deafening. once, during a lecture, my prof said that there are accounts of russian serfs having to beat the pond waters so their masters could sleep. i like the sound. frogs, not serfs.

genmai-cha. tonight's beverage of choice. toasty brown rice/green tea duo. rice crackers with those yummy peas.

it's laundry night. the socks come back from the front in singles. widow-makers. inevitably, i wash either a small, inconspicuous squid, or an ink pen. piebald t-shirts thereafter. and chlorine bleach is not the fix-all its purveyors would have us believe. hmph.

tonight is shaping up to be one of those very fine coldish spring nights. and there's nothing like a very clean bed and very clean room and morningstar burning to fall asleep to.


Blogger Dani said...

Lots of hairspray takes out ink, believe it or not. Bleach kinda sucks with real stains.

Nice blog. :-)

7:05 PM  
Blogger dishpantheism said...

thanks for the tip, dani. i don't happen to have any hairspray on hand, but maybe rubbing alcohol will have the same effect.

glad you like my blog. :)

10:04 PM  

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