Monday, January 31, 2005


today during the lunch break i went to sit under the usual tree. someone had already visited. grizzly visit. little bits of down pinned to the tips of grass. two bodiless pigeon's wings. one pigeon egg, unharmed, in a down-filled hollow. the wings were quite a pace from the down. the egg at the base of the tree. looking up there was no nest. no remnants even. sometimes reptiles expel eggs when stressed. maybe birds do, too. the egg was whole so i doubt that it fell from tree limbs. i laid down and looked up into the branches again. a pigeon nest is crude. there wasn't sign of a crude nest.

i feel like that brown gold dogs hide. that canine calling card. i think i'm catching the terrible flu everybody seems to be sharing. it started this morning. my throat hurt. i sipped my green tea. i sipped it some more. i went to the store and replenished my cache. i took an aspirin. i don't like to do that. i did it. i still feel like dog droppings.

there will be no perambulating this evening. natch!

maybe the pigeon met a feral cat. dunno.


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