Friday, January 21, 2005

snow blind...

today a postcard arrived from the dentist. the front is a peanuts cartoon. kind of. snoopy is walking across a snowy field with a gigantic toothbrush and tube of paste. the bubble says: yes, sir...i'm armed and ready.

the sister examined the postcard.

sister: hmm. i don't get it.
me: it's from the dentist.
sister: and?
me: i think you have to be a dentist.
sister: yes.

it is cute. but why a snowy field? is there some metaphorical reason for snow? it is my cleaning card, afterall. but that would be a pretty big claim to make. and honestly, who wants teeth as white as snow? goggles, folks. they're to a purpose.

a frame out of context.

is not that funny.

a talking dog with novelty hygiene implements, that's my speed, though.

i'm so tired right now. i think i might actually have instant sleep. to try. g'night.


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