Wednesday, January 19, 2005

this and that...

this morning was such a good, good morning. i give it a ten. i had insomnia last night and really dreaded having to wake up when that gadget by my bedside bade me. but after stumbling around for a minute or so, i felt good. and when i sat in the courtyard, drinking from an inordinately hot styro cup, listening to my headphones, my day seemed to be shaping up nicely. and it did, too! i can't believe this is january! it was so warm outside. i wore a t-shirt! i'm grateful for the break in stormy weather, but i hope this doesn't spell the end of winter. anyway, my morning was luverly. and i'm not usually so jolly of a morning.

two black lambs. two white herons. two white sheep. two different fields.

s.b. is going to tutor me pianowise. it's been a longed long time since i've played anything. and i was pretty bad to begin with. but it will be fun. although, i think s.b.'s confidence in my abilities will need some ratcheting. i'm not just being colorful when i say that i suck.

the russian is not going anywhere yet. i think i'll have to resort to plan b: kidnapping native speakers. i jest. that would be silly.


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