Tuesday, January 11, 2005

a little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men...

wellidy. i've gotten some flack lately for my love of cartoon and musicals, for cuddly things and creatures with big melty eyes. hence that previous bit about twee etc. i can't help it. i genuinely like them. but also, sometimes, i genuinely like to make fun of them. sometimes even both at once. so, tired of being jabbed i thought i'd jab back. silly really, on account of the fact that the one jabbing me doesn't even read this. gah. oh well. 's okay. there's no sense jabbing somebody who can't remember why they liked to sit cross-legged some saturdays and watch mighty mouse or scooby doo. or even little lulu. something tells me if i jab back i'll only find sawdust. maybe crumbs. i'm not endorsing a return to jam-dirtied hands and piss pants or anything. just, mind you don't lose your sense of humor. please don't shun something for being nonsensical and easy on the eyes.

end rant.

today at the book sale i was given a free copy of a book i had when i was about thirteen. it was one of my favorite books (along with ishi), hanta yo. it's an account of several generations of dakota peoples and various subtribes (?) the lakota and nakota. it had a glossary of dakota words in the back and notes on pronunciation. yesterday i was telling my sister how i really wanted to read that again for some reason but i didn't have a copy. and then today i found one! this is much nicer than the edition i had before. it's hardcover. anyway, somewhere in the story there's a bit about a healer who faces a really difficult task. he has a critically wounded patient and any kind of effective treatment, any hope for recovery is looking fairly grim. he knows the character of the man in his care. he knows the man is stubborn and has a quick temper. so, he begins trying to revive the guy by flailing a whip right in front of the recumbent man's eyes and face. it eventually pisses him off to such a degree that he grabs the whip from the healer's hand. hmm. i don't know why that has remained with me for so long.


a break in the rain. yippee!


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