Saturday, January 01, 2005

happy new year!

a patch of sunlight today. brief respite from rain.

the sister hums:

in the sweet by and by...

today is not the day to have such solemn music stuck in my head. i'll have to scare up some more mirthful sounds.

recent viewing: the last man on earth. vincent price fights zombies with coconut mulch hair. a helpful church bulletin board reads: the end has come. and i'm briefly glad of such careful observation and thorough reporting. as i have said before, i'm a great one for missing bulletins. and it would be a slight embarrassment to be among the uninformed during such an instance. oh, those are zombies? i just thought they were eccentric. and i did, too. they really just seemed befuddled and tired. like they were exhausted of being undead. with eternity on their decrepit hands they flank price's home saying, "c'm'out morgan...aaarrgghhhoohhh...we're going to kill you...oooohhh...gurgley gurgle...aaahhh." an irritation more than anything else. but an eternity of irritation is terror enough. i give props to the foley crew, though. price refuels his generator: glug et glug et glug. and somewhere i hear the barely audible hiccup and a plaintive 'more please.' price drinks his gin and tonic: see above. price plays with his lathe: lalalacluttle da cluttle da cuddddddle cudddddle cutttlety cuttttley cuttlefishcuttlefishcuttlefishcuttlefish aaaahhhh cluttle.

also viewed: the stranger, starring orson welles. nazi on the run and a crack detective on his heels. not to fear-- everything works out in the end. hmm. orson is the nazi, not the detective.

grocery shopping. catsup or ketchup? catsup or ketchup? thankfully, the men in white coats didn't haul me off to the whacko basket. perhaps they should have. i wasn't even in the catsup aisle.

made lime curd. uh, it's more delicious than the name implies. still, i'm unloading it on the willing as quickly as possible. i'm currently not incorporating sweets into my diet. we can thank the baby jesus and his birth anniversary celebrations for that. but i had many many limes and not enough peppers for anything more imaginative. so. lime curd.

wellidy. hope your new year will be good and rife with tasty curd.

mail if you're short on the curd part.

also, whilst your in a mailing mood, shoot off some money to those devastated by nature's less gentle side. i'm talking about the tsunami victims. if i knew anything about anything i'd post a link to the appropriate repositories. but i don't. so i won't. which is also why i have no blogroll.


Blogger BummerDietz said...

BummerDietz here, just surfing the blog through that “next blog” button in the upper right corner. I stopped and read your stuff. Cool. So there you have it....


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