Wednesday, December 22, 2004

the power of christ compels you...

on h street, near the church, a small, unwholesome creature emerged from hedges. a chihuahua. i have nothing against that particular breed. when i was younger we had one (went by the name of cujo...i didn't name him). but being ambushed by a small black chihuahua late at night is something akin to walking into a sixteenth century woodblock print and encountering devilish minions. yip! yip! let me suck your everlasting souls! i stomped my feet and made threatening noises. nothing doing. he was set on sucking my immortal soul. the sister was braver and took to lobbing bits of railroad ballast. not at the little guy but near enough to give him a fright. success!

i think i harbor many ill notions concerning the chihuahua because of my experience with our former family pet. he had the very disconcerting habit of lifting his ass end over his disproportionately large head and walking around on his forelegs. yes. he did a creepy headstand walk all around the house. now tell me that doesn't sound like demonic possession.

willie frequently walks on his hind legs. that motion is unendingly adorable, however. he places one paw atop the other and pleads for treats. cute. is there any rational reason that i should favor the hind-legged ambling to the fore-legged one? errrm. can't think of any.

all the way home we worried for the little monster. thought perhaps we should have tried to guide him home. but since i had my own hounds with me, and since it was relatively clear that our chihuahuan friend was wanting a doggy rumble, we were in no position to be guiding him anywhere.

el fin.


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