Tuesday, December 21, 2004

with arsenic saaaaauuuce...

lola is a quirky gal. when encouraged not to walk on things that might harm her tender paws, she consistently defies any and all cajoling. tonight she was in top form. broken glass in the street. stubborn dog trying her damnedest to walk through it. later, we noticed the sheriff cruising the town with his spotlights wobbling about. we strictly avoided him. but as luck would have it he drove past us. then again, making quite an effort to be within shouting distance of us.

sheriff: have you girls seen anyone with a stolen christmas tree?
us: no.
sheriff: it was decorated.
me: i saw broken glass back that way.
sheriff: on such-and-such street?
me: i thought it was on such-and-such street.
sister: no, he's right.
me: okay.
sister: what sort of car were they in?
sheriff: (laughing) no car. they were dragging it.
us: what?
sheriff: yeah. they're on foot. walking.
sister: oh, here comes a car.
sheriff: okay, well, if you see anything....(driving off)

the first thing i thought when he asked if we'd seen a stolen tree was how the hell should i know? what exactly was i looking for? two guys in buster browns, wearing stripes and dangling swag bags? the grinch? but i suppose someone dragging a fully decorated tree along an otherwise empty street would be rather conspicuous. i guess that's why our local constabulary was making such crack headway with the case.

errm. ahem.


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