Monday, December 20, 2004


i wish i knew how...

your eyes are like starlight now...

to break the spell...

listening to ray charles and betty carter. it's the only version of "baby, it's cold outside" that i enjoy.

there isn't any snow outside. it is cold, though.

people at the market in an absolute frenzy over the sale priced hams. HAMS. i feel like i don't know the latest dance steps. i just stand and watch. they stretch at the bar. hydraulics and thrusting. lots of elbows flying. rattling carts. confirms my feeling that supermarkets are creepy. and i always miss the bulletins. hams.

think of my lifelong sorrow...

ray. oh ray. he's been reading of coy mistresses.

baby, don't hold out...

four red-headed women in the supermarket. none of them, apparently, related. at least by blood. that's quite a concentration of redheads. i didn't factor in my own head. i don't know if it quite qualifies as red. it leans that way, though.

hmm. the file says: angles we have heard on high. i wonder which particular i'm hearing now? obtuse? dunno.

now ella sings let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

no snow just yet. no ham. but a turkey in the icebox. duets. carols. a dog on repeat outside.


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