Friday, December 24, 2004


just now it arrived in my paw. little four cornered happiness from afar. i bet if i set it down it will tremble and skip. or maybe that's me.

so wee. and happy! three times happy, as a matter of fact. and that is a perfect trinity. and it fits snugly in the coat pocket. and it nestles in the palm. and its face has something like roses. and the back is affirmative. yeah.

it has a pulse and tissue. nerves. it tingles.

happy origins. a tree grows there. i am so glad of it. so, so glad.

and thank you, she says. thank you.

in other news...

eclipse. eclipse. eclipse. what other news? oh yes, it's christmas eve! and do you know what that means? it means very soon i will be able to walk the streets without fear of molestation by electrified skiing snowbeasts! huzzah!


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