Monday, December 27, 2004


it's raining here. according to the witchery of weather forecasting service, it will continue to rain for five more days. i'll fashion a stripey shirt and pole around town. the alleys are already full of cold water.

the sister gifted me with a copy of "the umbrellas of cherbourg" for christmas. that was very thoughtful. you see, in my vinyl collection i have an lp of the film. it's in near mint condition. the dialogue (in both french and english) is included in the sleeve. i thought it was destroyed when, unbeknownst to us, the roof leaked into the closet where my crates of records are kept. i fretted. yessir. but the record is fine. anyway, i don't have a turntable at present so i can't listen to any of my records. i was lamenting the fact. the sister took note. and then this very thoughtful gift. only, my equally thoughtful mother sent me the same gift! twice the color. twice the love. twice the sadness. clearly, one of these must go. nobody can withstand so much cherbourg.

tonight we managed to coax lola into the rain. really, it didn't take much coaxing at all. she loved it! but why doesn't she love a bath? hmm.

when i was in new brunswick a year or so ago, i happened to see a few minutes of a wonderful animated film. there was a ballerina dancing on a ship. it was really beautiful. it was nearly time to check out of our room, so i didn't get to see the end or read any of the credits (which is just as well because it seems the film was russian and i don't speak russian and can't make out cyrillic...snarf!). but i happened to find the film (ballerina on the boat) on amazon in a collection of russian animated films. enter christmas gift number two. i think i love yuri norstein. the collection has four of his films. he has a wonderful sense of humor. and the animation is fantastic. watching these makes me wish i had some talent as a visual artist. i don't.

i'm about ready for another sojourn. churchill and polar bears? orcas island? cumberland island? or someplace far off the continent? i don't know. maybe this summer.

the sister continues to sing "the old triangle." therefore, i continue to sing "the old triangle." it's catchy in its way.

the screws were shouting,
'get up out of bed ,you, and clean out your cell!'

not the jolliest song ever. but the tune is purty.

wellidy. must to knit the things on my needles.

(and i'm not willing to proofread...please continue to visit.)


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