Monday, January 03, 2005


the begonia leaf i pocketed from the plant in the cafe is loaded with threads of roots. white ones. they look crisp and brittle middle. they look pliant and fragile end. but that's to be expected. i'm not meant to see them. they should be in soil. they are in glass.

oh strange dreams last night. an old woman on her porch and warnings of gleaming wolves. my quick-to-hide motion was her amusement. but my absolute terror was real. and the blood was real. and the splinters of the loft i hid in. so real. but the thin fragile beings on the light littered grass also real. and their complete calm. the old woman just knitting and watching. fir trees. i put my face into the lowest branches. sweet. grass under my belly. and all of the calm viewed through a hole the biggest gleaming wolf ripped through the battlement. and he had, briefly, a face. human face. and then i kicked him there. and then he was a wolf again. and the old woman stood chuckling. was it before or after i walked by the library? i had to get down and crawl. the stairs inchwormed under me. my fingers were raw from climbing. i stared at a branch too long and became embarrassed. a hand on my chin and then i was standing upright and had to speak to the assembled crowd. it was right.

i gave brussels sprouts a second chance last night. i've discovered the slight bitterness is actually very tasty. i think they are one of my new favorite vegetables. vegetable love.

a grey day here. but the rain has halted for now. i need to poke around out there.

watched "hedgehog in the fog" over and over. that one is so beautiful. and funny. charming.

hmm. that is all for now.

thank you. come again.


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