Monday, January 10, 2005


the squirrels are dustier than i had imagined. i'm just popping in to say hello. i haven't written anything since i haven't written here. i fear atrophy. (a trophy!) i must keep the fingers adequately musculartured. muscularized. muscularated. anyway.

imaginary armies with real squirrels in them.

i hope not.

the jug-eared and beguiling cheburashka is probably already en route to my very post office box. yay!

any moment i'm supposed to renounce all things twee and precious. they are, i believe, holding their breath for it. but god bless the suction. the gaseous. born on bloat. aloft. bye-bye, balloons. twee is a sound that birds make naturally. precious is life, too. there's also enough room for cynicism and jades. once in a while i wear them around my neck. but i can't afford the good ones. only the cheapest cuts. enough!

the sister clipped me 'air last night. i am significantly less tressed. i have wispy pieces skimming my jaw. and swingy bits where formerly none swung. i was a little nervous about the operation but i reasoned it was better to hand the shears to the sister than enact my own plan. that plan involved my grabbing a giant hank of hair and lopping it off without regard to aesthetics. such was my frustration. a person can only have so much hair. unless you are country western music star crystal gale. the sister cuts her own hair with magnificent results. very beautiful. she did well with mine. i am pleased.

within the week i should have a new niece. yu-ro, tentatively. i hope i spelt that right. it means "tender rain" which is appropriately related to my nephew whose name is "grateful for rain." i've never had a niece. yay!

it is STILL raining. we now have canals. it would even be romantic if it wasn't for the slightly sewer-ish smell the town is acquiring. hrrm.

it is the time of the frogs. they swarm the streets at night without regard for traffic safety or their own welfare. berserkers. obviously they're hatching a plot. or, they've hatched a plot.

well crap. i wanted to say something lasting. something stick-to-the-ribs to keep us until the next installment. but, unfortunately, i'm fresh out of that. i'll return in a less moldy state. i promise.


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