Sunday, January 23, 2005


it's that time of year again. the supermarkets blushed. the indecent gloss of bagged candies. white paper doilies. love in iambic pentameter (such romantic feet).

the sister and i have a valentine's tradition. we buy a box of those candy hearts with the words printed on the face. we form questions in our minds. we choose hearts at random. it's like sugary mad lib. it's like an oracular practice. except we don't huff fumes from fissures first. we don't peer into entrails. we just read from the wisdom of the brach gods.

too cute. call me. yr sweet. nice. b mine. luv.

it seems that every year there are more and more hearts that don't make sense. the phrases are more cryptic. there's something missing. the relevance is suspect.

wintergreen is dominant. the lavender heart tastes like a lavender heart. tastes like a lavender heart. tastes like a lavender heart. the sugar cracks, cleaves. compacts in the low dents. throbs. how else can a cavity. that's consistency.

anyhow, it takes away when the automatic doors slide apart and everything left and right is flushed and florid. red corrugated borders and some dumpling shaped children are elbowing each other over the last plush dog.

the last plush dog. that would be. oh please.

i'm going to send orange valentines.

in other news...

it's incredibly moony outside. a stray cat keeps coming to my house and eating the food i set out for my cats. it will rub along my legs each step i take. it won't let me pick it up. when it sits down to relax it sticks out its tongue. cheeky.

oh. look at the time. 'night.


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