Saturday, February 05, 2005

rewind, unwind...

the dad will be 75 in a few months. he visited earlier in the week and again this afternoon. upon arrival and farewell i suggested rubbing elbows instead of the usual hug/kiss. he doesn't need the bug i'm kicking right now. i've decided i really hate nyquil. a pox on you, blue capsules!

we talked about sylvan-ish williams syndrome. cats. the state of the euro. comic strips. what happened to the recycling center. lola-dog. yarn. asparagus. rhubarb. constance rice. speculative fiction. jules verne's mysterious island. robinson crusoe (he's reading it for the thirtieth time or so. he loves that one.) tangerine and loquat trees. in short, it was a nerdfest.

i picked night-stock last week. in the evening it starts filling the house with the smell of cloves and sugar. quite nice. except my sinuses really aren't appreciative right now. it feels like a rodent has set up camp in there. grr.

the phrase "my favorite ungulate" keeps cycling through my head. did i invent that? i think perhaps i did. but maybe i read it someplace. i'll google.

a dream about a puma in a car. the puma exits the car. he wraps his paws around me and tries to do me in. oh the humanity! but suddenly he lets me go. i walk in the house. i hear a noise and tip-toe out to the lawn. a giant crane is hovering about the grass. and on the grass is an infant crane. it has a red tummy warmer cinched around his middle. it has the head of a japanese baby. but the baby head has delicate white down for hair instead of human hair. it's beautiful. and strange.

dahlias. the sister has convinced me of their beauty. we'll grow some.

i say good day.


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