Monday, February 14, 2005


last night we went for coffee. sb, sister, s.b.'s sister and yours truly. they had to study for an exam. political science. they continued to refer to f.d.r. as alternately, "wheely mcgee" and "hotwheels." both were highly inappropriate and very, very amusing. i practiced playing with numbers and also writing the same poem over and over with my right hand. i'm left-handed. well, i write left-handed. most everything else i do right-handed. i have had some practice with right-handed writing because of a horse riding accident i had when i was thirteen or so. i fractured the southern paw's adjoining appendage. i even had a plaster cast. incidentally, the poem i wrote and rewrote was via lord alfred the rhymey. it was one of the first bits of poetry i ever memorized. and no, not "half a league half a league half a league..." but "i sometimes hold it half a sin...." tenny looooves that same fraction. i confess, it's one of my favorites, too. although, three-quarters are nice.

insomnia last night. that, in part, due to a certain devil's piss of a beverage. should stick to green tea. yes, yes. in fact, who was that fellow, "happy now?" because he thought i was carrying coffee but really carried tea this morning. hmm. i said, "green tea!!!" quite defiantly. defiance. yes. that's me. and the fellow is a friend that will forever resemble bud court as far as i'm concerned.

today is the day. the red plush day. the guillotine. the chocolate. the jazz infested day of all love days. the inflamed labial paper exchange day. the banner talk radio phone in day. the acrylic, scratchy, priced to sell thong day. that very day.

i must say, i much prefered this day when it meant rolling tissue paper blossoms on my pencil eraser. the possibility of receiving a small white envelope in a small paper bag taped to the front of my grubby school desk. yes. heart-shaped ice in my punch glass. a run-and-kiss game and we calling "nonny nonny billy-goat! you can't catch me!" but they did. and it was fun.

but really, it's a nice day. and i'll go stalking around with my mechanical eye, gadgeted memory and try and capture some sight. ephemera.

happy, happiest of love days. please, for goodness sake, cuddle or something. cuddle like the dickens.


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