Tuesday, February 15, 2005


during a nap i had a dream that i could draw. and the drawings actually resembled something recognizable. that's how i knew it was a dream.

i saw/heard some interesting things this afternoon. a room where speakers of all variety hung from the wall. one of them made bird sounds. most of them mumbled instruction. a pen drew black snow when he spoke to it. the analog looked like no and said no no no no no no no in fluctuating tones and urgency. there were letters on the walls, too. all very strange. a record that was dictating to oblivion. i think they call this installation.

the sister nicked a begonia leaf for me. safely secured in glass now. soon roots will be forcing their way in. they say i've corrupted her. but she offered before i could even request. rex. green and cherry dark.

it rained today and i was wearing cons. all*stars. and my feet got all wet. and it made me a tad disgruntled.

the right-handedness is progressing very rapidly. yay! everytime i need to write something and i have the option of taking my time about it i use the right hand. why? i'm not sure. i just think it would be neat-o to pick up a pen with either hand and do that thing we do do do. next, i'd like to learn to write in reverse. i like to read that way sometimes because it sounds vowely and pretty and strange. i want to write that way, too.

over and out.


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