Sunday, February 20, 2005

i think therefore i think...

she wanted to interview me. the topic: philosophy. puzzling for me. mystery questions because i just have a little to go on. what i can recall from a long time ago. the big s. the big p. the big a. and anaximander. anaxagoras. xeno---. descartes and his automatons (and i hope he was redressed as a proctor and gamble rabbit). voltaire. just little bits of big people. so why me? i still don't know.

she: tell me something you know.
me: i don't understand...
she: tell me something you know. what is one thing that you know?
me: i.... what are you asking? where's the...??
she: it's simple. i'm not tricking you. what do you know?
me: um...i.... my dog's name is lola.
she: oh! how do you know that?
me: i gave her the name.
she: i see. (grinning...pen scratching)

but i really don't know. but she comes when i say those sounds. we agree to do this. and when i said lola the she of questions had no trouble knowing l-o-l-a. she had no trouble copying it down. so what i gave the quad-lola for a name must have some stick. musn't it? adhesive. we agree. don't we agree. or cohesive. dear oh dear.

but i'm still not sure.

allo? allo? allo?

lol. lol. lol.

that's really what i was afraid of.


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