Tuesday, September 06, 2005

cold start...

volvo is running again. it goes. but the idle is terrifying high. heart palpitations. the motor's initial cold tantrum. such fluctuation. the problem is electrical. the solution is a new harness.

we wanted cajun food but the local place was closed. our second was italian. closed also. our third was the standby: thai. i do enjoy thai food. yes. the sister. s.b. myself. s.b.'s old friend. a conversation about beef tongue. it's unsettling.

father bought $20 of baked goods from wee girl scouts. katrina relief. so many of them just milling around. squealing and giggling. and one of them said to him you have very good taste. and it was so completely earnest that i had to stifle a laugh.

alrighty. i go.


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