Thursday, September 08, 2005

how to be a ruiner...

i tried for controlled shrinkage. failure! what happened was the very long sweater became the very small sweater. too small for any human being (that i know of). what's particularly bad is it was a gift. curses! but what is particularly good is that i made a wonderful new handbag from the wreckage. that in a nutshell is how to be a ruiner. alchemize the frustration. a queen of infinite space. maybe i'll link to a photo. we'll see.

clouds have been circling outside for the length of the day. and they settled right on the sunset. made it colder. hmm. that qualifying er is understood without my referring again and again. someone told me once i had the habit of using er improperly because i left the repetition out. left it for the chider i guess. if i want a contusion i'll find a nice wall. or a swinging baton. gaoler. gah! er police. now if you want to tailor my tangents perhaps we'll talk. btw i was referring to the environment. the state of the atmosphere. a police state? nah.


my fingertips are chilled. the rubbing is meant to rectify but really it's more of a punishment. how could i possibly need gloves in september. it's not a question.

so. the poisonous paper. two @ seventy-nine cents per nabbed me vintage shelf paper of the owl/dove orangey variety. was i pleased? well pleased. am i possibly the most unobservant shopper in history (hyperbole!)? no. but very nearly. the cello packaging was intact. the name of the paper is "no bugs m'lady." why thank you chivalrous toxins! gamma isomer of benzene hexachloride (from lindane). he's a snotty fop with a long lineage. fancy pedigree. ancestral grounds. but i jest. what really has me is this tormented desire to use the paper. perhaps the poison is no longer so poison. but i want to make envelopes. woe! alas. maybe i can scan the pattern and print paper of the very same sans pollutant. but what to do with the roll remainders? gah!

an a bearing a cedilla? poland what are you up to with your tailed letters?! and an e with a cedilla too. well they are very pretty. but i can't produce an equally pretty sound. and that l wearing a swordbelt? wwwwell. at least i already produce that sound.


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