Saturday, September 10, 2005


given a bag of cactus pear. not for my own enjoyment. the request was novelty jam. the result was eternal hatred for cactus pear. my fingers and palms are full of blonde thorns. tiny and impossible to extract. my gran used to dye the offenders with blackberry juice to reveal them and remove them from our hands. but prevention was the key. touch them little and walk away thornless. that is not an option where jam is concerned. in any event cactus pear is not a fruit to write home about. insipid. acidless. a slightly vegetal taste. but it was asked for. so. bon appetit.

four children's books came home with me today. 3/4 of a dollar. one of them is the story of a mole and his quest for a car. translated from the czech. but what is best about it are the illustrations. also a story about a town that makes a giant jam sandwich to rid itself of wasps. four million wasps to be exact. i do not envy that census taker.

the re-harnessing has begun. tomorrow we install a new alternator too. and (finger crossed) the following day i actually get to drive my car rather than crawl around in its oily guts. yay! thank goodness for my very wee mother and her excellent mechanical skills. it will be nice to have a night drive and hear some music. the bulk of my travelling will remain confined to public transport. even if inefficient it is cheaper and better for the air. it just means i have to wake up several hours early and get home much later than i like. 's okay.

good evening.


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