Tuesday, September 13, 2005


now listening: one two me and you*-- little rabbits

strange day. shoe polish. recollections of the black angel. brick streets. the pitfalls of air travel. a slightly north-eastern smell. return of the pea coat. watching the sting of bureaucracy. an inoculation site swells. i can do nothing to help. and phantom saturdays well up from the loquats-- the only pleasantness-- causing a round of laughter.


the larks have gone from here. this is not the forum maybe. or maybe it's the perfect one. i'll consider.

now a song for the sister. listening: white city-- the pogues.

not so glum. really. the evening is nice thus far. tomorrow's walk will improve me.

*this site is better than the official. paroles. grand public. scroll down. one two me and you....


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