Friday, September 23, 2005


thursday night i escorted the brother's family. night market. how does it compare to taiwan? not so crowded. but my nephew still enjoyed. i was sorry to have missed the tuberose. i saw the man unload them. i figured on buying a stem on the second pass. but they were gone! only an empty bucket. there's always next thursday i s'pose.

my head finally feels like a human head again. i had quite a fever midweek. dreamt that i had the plague. woke to red bruises on my arm. i'd been clenching it tightly. it's funny. delirium i mean. despite my self-imposed sequester mei-mei has caught my cold. heartbreaking. tonight she has the fever. not how i wanted our visit to play out. maybe this means i'll have to visit taiwan to make up for things. good ol' formosa.

in other news...

i knew i liked glenn gould. i had heard recordings. the way he mutters and hums while playing. i had never seen footage until today though. oh my. i think he joins the list of deceased people i have crushes on. he was quite magnetic. i will seek out more footage. oh yes.

alrighty. i'm quitting early tonight. g'night.


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