Thursday, September 29, 2005


a bargain bag of votives. somehow i'm amused by that. does it matter that i'm not using them for holy intents? that my devotion is to light?

listening: if she wants me-- belle and sebastian.

the sister: did he just sing "nefarious beast"?
me: no. no he didn't.

we've come to the conclusion that intonation is of great importance. emphasis on the word "people" for example. well. if done improperly it creates bad feelings. as seen on t.v. or related from that medium. i don't watch it.

like the nevus on my longest finger. easily forgotten until someone points it out.

in another league and another level...

historically headrolls caused us little trouble. we lived all day a tribute to bend. and the succession of flexes sprung us. inside the chest we twung. for that we kept diving. always regained our shape. but once wet someone laid us across the bench back. we dried that way. severe angles. let's hope by morning the damp undoes us again. we're as pliant as then.

another word is somersault. and by we i mean me.

well. it's time to say good night.


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